A Grafana gauge panel. It is red, with the text 98.5% below it.

Prometheus Metrics Cleanup

I had to clean up my Prometheus data, and it got pretty darned close there. When it comes to my metrics, I’m very much a data hoarder. Metrics gathering was what got me into Homelabbing as a hobby, instead of just a means to an end. Telegraf/Influx/Grafana were the first new services on my Homeserver in about five years. And I really do like looking at my dashboards, including looking at past data....

June 28, 2024 · 8 min · Michael
The HashiCorp Nomad and Kubernetes logos, connected with an arrow pointing from Nomad to Kubernetes

Nomad to k8s, Part 9: Prometheus

Wherein I set up Prometheus for metrics gathering in the k8s cluster. This is part 10 of my k8s migration series. Let me tell you something about me: I love metrics. And pretty charts. The more the better. Back in 2020, setting up Prometheus+Grafana was what brought me to Homelabbing as a hobby, instead of just a means to an end, running some services I wanted to use. I had just gotten an updated ISP connection and found my old FritzBox not working anymore....

March 15, 2024 · 18 min · Michael

Power Measurements in the Homelab

I’ve long been wondering how much power my Homelab consumes, especially with my switch from a single relatively beefy server to a gaggle of Raspberry Pis. In the end, I put in three smart plugs supporting MQTT. I would have loved to have per-machine power consumption stats, but I didn’t want to invest that much money into smart plugs. To wet your appetite a bit, here is a snapshot of the resulting Grafana dashboard:...

June 13, 2023 · 20 min · Michael